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Global supplier of carton converting equipments

Degang Machinery (DGM) focuses on R&D and manufacturing professional equipments that meets domestic and international high-standard production requirements, and achieves business-efficient production capacity with the lowest production cost for customers.

With more than 30 years of continuous research, development and innovation, DGM has become a major supplier in the high-end packaging market at home and abroad, with sales in more than 75 countries including Europe, America and Southeast Asia. With the spirit of "Made in China, created in China", we are based in China and go out to the world.


Indian factory

DGM's global layout of India's automated factory

In order to allow DGM high-quality machines to supply more printing and packaging companies around the world, DGM India automated factory was formally established, hiring an Indian management team, and independently building a production base. India's DGM automated factory completed construction at the end of 2019, with a total construction area of 30,000 square feet, and began production and sales. The annual sales plan is to produce 100 automatic folder gluers, automatic die-cutting hot stamping machines, and high-speed laminating machines.

The DGM plant in India is our first step in establishing a strategic plan for global development, and it is also a successful step forward. We make unremitting efforts to pursue our goals. Continuous R&D and innovation, and  adhere  to  the  concept of "producing rigorous and meticulous quality products and providing perfect technical services. We  have full confidence and sufficient ability to implement the global development strategy, because we have established a comprehensive strategic foundation, established the operation center of China and India, realized the transformation from the local market advantage to the global market, and finally formed the global market. Through the establishment of a base in India this time, DGM will further improve the company's overseas business layout and optimize product structure, thereby strengthening DGM's  development layout in the South Asian subcontinent.


Looking to the future, we remain confident and move forward steadily in the established direction.

Embrace change for development, pursue excellence and innovation

Design and development

Focus on creating, quality and technology. DGM has been reviewing the situation and reacting accordingly. In recent years, it has continuously invested a large amount of funds and personnel in R&D and design, integrated the technical requirements from customers, introduced advanced technology and design concepts from abroad, and continuously improved in inheritance and innovation.

Company philosophy

DGM adheres to its mission of "innovation-driven, intelligent manufacturing", persues independent research and development, and leads the industry innovation era. All DGM staff will continue focusing on every detail, contribute to the packaging industry.

Development path

  • In 1985, the company name ¨Huizhou Bisheng Machinery Co., Ltd.¨, Technofold ES series folder gluer products were officially put into production. Products were successively sold to Southeast Asia in 1986.

  • In 1990, the first folder-gluer in the Chinese market officially launched the domestic sales network in China.

  • In 1993, the ETH series mounting machine was officially put into production.

  • In 1998, the Technocut series of automatic die-cutting machines was officially launched.

  • In 2002, the company moved to the self-built 13,000 square meter factory in Huihuan District, Huizhou City. The new factory has convenient transportation with surrounding important cities, such as Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Guangzhou.

  • In 2007, all products applied for and passed CE certification.

  • in 2008, The first Drupa Printing Exhibition.

  • In 2012, the Smartfold folder-gluer series was officially put into production.

  • In 2014, we researched and produced Technofoil 1050FSC waste stripping die-cutting and foil stamping three-function integrated model. Successfully exhibited Technofoil 1050FSC at Chinaprint in 2015.

  • In 2015, in order to meet the needs of high-end customers in the packaging industry, we developed Smartfold Classic, Ultra, Ultra X and other more automatic and intelligent new folder-gluers.The Technofold TF series was officially put into production in 2016, with three models of 800, 1100 and 1450.

  • in 2016, The third Drupa printing exhibition.

  • in 2019, T-folder, Double feeder are developed and in production for their first units.

  • in 2020, T-folder, Double feeder are officially launched to market.

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