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Smartvision unveiled on All In Print 2014 in Shanghai

Time: 2014/10/15  View: 1699

DGM decided to make Smartvision the first appearance in All In Print 2014, which has been proved the most succeed debut in the history.

After many years of experience building folder gluers, Smartvision is a perfect combination between folder gluing machine and inspecting machine, it offers a true on-line inspection control before blanks are folded. This control is particularly important these days with so much production being destined for auto packing lines.

Professional imported high-speed cameras and high resolution optical imaging lens, it guarantees a perfect performance of detection accuracy, and offers a fine solution for the problem of laser holographic reflective.

It also allows to set up high or low accuracy on detection area according to customer´s needs in order to economize resources.

During the exhibition, straight line and crash-lock bottom boxes were run on the Smartvision successfully. One customer in Jiang Su province has signed the purchase contract immediately after he saw the machine.

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