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What is a folder gluer?

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In modern industrial production, various automated equipment is widely used to improve production efficiency and product quality. Among them, the folder gluer plays an important role in the carton packaging industry as an important automated device. According to data, the global carton packaging market size is expected to increase from $109 billion in 2019 to $147 billion in 2025, which also reflects the increasing demand for folder gluer equipment. This article will introduce the definition, working principle, and application of folder gluers in carton packaging.


I. Definition


1.1 What is a folder gluer? How do cartons form?

A folder gluer is an automated device used for carton packaging. It can automatically complete a series of operations from cardboard forming to the final product carton. The role of the folder gluer is to improve production efficiency and product quality, reduce the need for manual operations, and meet the needs of the carton packaging industry. According to market research company data, the global folder gluer market size is expected to continue to grow by 2025.


1.2 Components of a folder gluer

A folder gluer is mainly composed of feeder section, register section, pre-fold section, crash lock-bottom section, gluing section, close and folding section, trombone section, and conveying section. According to the latest research data, the compound annual growth rate of the global folder gluer market is expected to reach 5.8% by 2027, indicating its widespread application in the carton packaging industry.


Next, I will use our own product structure analysis as an example to introduce the basic structure and working principle of a folder gluer.


II. Working Principle


2.1 Feeder Section

The feeder section is responsible for accurately feeding the cardboard into the folder gluers working area. It usually consists of a conveyor system driven by an independent servo motor, which can precisely control the feeding speed and spacing of the cartons. This design with independent drive facilitates the adjustment of the cartons spacing, ensuring that the cartons maintain the appropriate spacing and position in the subsequent processes.


2.2 Register Section

The register section, also known as the alignment section, is located after the feeder section and is equipped with a correction device. The correction device, often referred to as a register system, adjusts the position and angle of the cartons to correct any deviation during the cartons exit, improving the neatness and stability of the cartons. This correction process ensures smooth processing of the cartons in the subsequent processes, enhancing accuracy and efficiency.


2.3 Pre-fold Section

The pre-fold section is a crucial part of the carton production process, primarily responsible for pre-folding and opening the first and third fold lines of the cardboard, enabling smooth entry into the automatic packaging line. By forming creases in advance and opening the cardboard, the pre-fold section prepares for the subsequent folding processes. This ensures more accurate and smooth folding of the cartons, avoiding deformation or cracking. It is important to note that not all cartons require a pre-fold section; some special types of cartons may not need it. However, the structure of the folder gluer will still be customized according to the customers requirements.


2.4 Crash Lock-Bottom Section 

The crash lock-bottom section, also known as the bottom-lock section, is an important part of the folder gluer, located after the pre-fold section. It provides stability and load-bearing capacity to the cartons by forming a crash lock-bottom structure, protecting the integrity and safety of the products. The crash lock-bottom section usually consists of two bending hook fixtures and an upper pressure transmitter, capable of accommodating different sizes of crash lock-bottom or four-six corner cartons. Although not all bottom locking actions are completed in this section, it remains a crucial component in the carton packaging process.


2.5 Gluing Section

The gluing section, also known as the adhesive application section, is an essential part of the folder gluer, responsible for uniformly applying adhesive to the folding parts of the cardboard. This ensures a strong bond between the folded parts, increasing the stability and strength of the cartons. Compared to traditional manual gluing, using a folder gluer can save more than 20% of glue consumption. With a precise adhesive spraying system, the gluing section evenly applies adhesive to the cardboard, avoiding excessive use of glue.


2.6 Close and Folding Section

The close and folding section is where the final folding and closing of the cartons occur. After the feeding, the cardboard passes through this section, where it is folded according to the predetermined folding method. Unlike the pre-fold section, the cartons folded in the close and folding section are not opened but glued together at the edges previously coated with adhesive, achieving the cartons final shape. The close and folding section forms the second and fourth fold lines of the cartons, ensuring the stability of the cartons shape and structure. Through this process, the folded parts of the cartons are securely bonded, preventing them from becoming loose or opening during use. This ensures the integrity and stability of the cartons, improving product quality and appearance.


2.7 Trombone Section

The trombone section, also known as the compression or pressing section, is responsible for applying pressure to the cartons after the gluing process. It serves as a connection between the main machine and the conveying section, allowing the cartons to smoothly overlap and enter the conveying section while also performing paper kicking and counting functions. Through the transmission and control of the trombone section, the cartons maintain proper spacing, avoiding adhesion and poor stacking. The design and operation of the trombone section ensure the neatness and stability of the cartons, improving production efficiency and product quality.


2.8 Conveying Section

The conveying section is located after the pressure section, and its function is to apply pressure to the paper boxes that have passed through the pressure section. By staying in the conveying section for a longer period of time under pressure, the paper boxes can be firmly glued together. The conveying section uses conveyor belts or rollers to apply pressure to the paper boxes, ensuring that all parts of the boxes are securely bonded together. This improves the stability and firmness of the paper boxes, ensuring that they maintain their shape and structure during subsequent processes. The pressure applied by the conveying section also enhances the adhesive effect of the paper boxes, ensuring that they remain intact and safe during packaging and transportation.


III. Application of folder gluers in carton packaging


3.1 Improved production efficiency

The automation feature of the folder gluer significantly increases the speed of box production, thereby improving production efficiency. Using a folder gluer can increase production efficiency by at least 30% compared to traditional manual operations.


3.2 Enhanced product quality

The high precision of the folder gluer ensures the accuracy of box folding and gluing. This guarantees the strength and adhesion of the boxes, thereby improving product quality. Using a folder gluer can reduce the defect rate of products by at least 20% compared to traditional manual operations.


3.3 Reduced labor costs

Using a folder gluer can reduce manual labor, thereby reducing labor costs. Using a folder gluer can reduce labor costs by at least 40% compared to traditional manual operations.



    As an important equipment in the paper box packaging industry, the folder gluer enables fast production of boxes through automated folding, gluing, and flattening. It improves production efficiency, product quality, and reduces labor costs. With continuous technological advancements, the performance and functionality of folder gluers are constantly improving, bringing more convenience and benefits to the paper box packaging industry. According to market forecasts, the demand for folder gluers will continue to grow, providing more opportunities and development space for the paper box packaging industry.

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  If you have any requirements or questions about folder gluers, please feel free to contact our sales team. We are dedicated to providing professional consultation and solutions. Choose DGM Machinerys folder gluers to make your paper box packaging production more efficient, stable, and reliable.


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