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DGM Launches All-New SMARTFLUTE X 1450 Laminating Machine, Achieving a Quantum Leap in Production Efficiency and Quality

Time: 2023/11/17  View: 3068


       DGM recently announced the launch of a new version of its laminating machine, the SMARTFLUTE X 1450, featuring fully automatic high-speed laminating. It is officially unveiled with a maximum speed of up to 160m/min, with a laminating production speed of up to 12,000 sheets per hour and adherence accuracy strictly controlled within 1.5mm.


        The new SMARTFLUTE X 1450, while retaining the advantages of its predecessor, has undergone some detailed improvements based on customer feedback. DGM strives to refine every detail, extracting the essence and discarding the dross, resulting in a qualitative leap in the performance of the new SMARTFLUTE X 1450, significantly enhancing production efficiency and ensuring customer profitability.



       This laminating machine features one-touch start functionality, with the motion control system and servo motion system automatically adjusting paper size, pressure, glue amount, and other settings. It is suitable for the production of various products such as corrugated color box laminating, card laminating, and grey board laminating.



         Compared to its predecessor, the SMARTFLUTE X 1450 has been improved in the sheets feeder section, alignment transfer section, and transmission structure. The sheets feeder section employs electrically adjustable flying knife head height, the alignment transfer section uses an overall open-and-close high-servo alignment device, and the transmission structure adopts an integrated anti-slip embossing shaft and V-type multi-groove belt transmission, enhancing durability and reducing noise and wear. Additionally, the machine utilizes 3D electronic engraving meshing rollers and a full linear guide rail structure for easy adjustment and operation.



           As a post-press equipment manufacturer, DGM not only focuses on laminating machines but also provides various other equipment such as folder gluer, die-cutting machines, hot foil stamping machines, paper bag machines, and box collecting machines. As a source factory, DGM offers customers a one-stop solution to meet their entire post-press production line needs. By providing comprehensive equipment, DGM helps customers achieve high-efficiency, stable, and high-quality production. Regardless of the equipment required, DGM can provide customized solutions to ensure overall coordination and efficient operation of the production line. DGM is committed to providing comprehensive technical support and services to ensure customers achieve maximum return on investment.


         The new SMARTFLUTE X 1450 has been well-received by customers for its outstanding performance and user-friendly improvements, and has been sold to numerous provinces and cities domestically as well as several countries overseas. DGM has a large customer base and feedback system, continuously conducting research and development based on customer feedback. Regardless of the issues raised by customers, DGM takes them seriously and addresses them. To meet the diverse, intelligent, integrated, and high-capacity needs of customers, DGM provides a variety of customized solutions.



           DGM is dedicated to manufacturing high-quality, high-capacity post-press machinery, aiming to provide practical solutions for the global printing and packaging industry, promoting the improvement of the industry chain, and injecting new vitality into intelligent manufacturing.


The launch of the all-new SMARTFLUTE X 1450 signifies DGM's continuous innovation and development in the field of post-press equipment, while also providing customers with more efficient, stable, and intelligent production solutions. As DGM continues to improve and optimize its products, its market share and influence at home and abroad will further expand.

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