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Semi-automatic box collecting machine

G-Pack semi-automatic box collecting machine, driven by independent motor, can be matched with all kinds of folder gluer of any brand that exist in today´s market. Different types of boxes can be counted in batches, such as straight-line boxes, 4&6 corner boxes, double-side wall boxes, etc., which significantly improves the productivity of folder gluer. G-Pack requires only one person, easy to operate. 

A. Transmission 

1) Adopts motor direct transmission structure.

2) Adopt segmented induction control operation design.

3) Balanced transmission and lower noise;

B. Overall structure 

1) The overall structure is newly optimized design; 

2) Transferring belts turn boxes 90-degree turning, each guide wheel on the upper belt can be adjusted individually. 

90˚ turning section
  • Two 60mm width transferring belts.

  • The upper and lower belts are guided by the embossing guide wheel to turn the boxes through 90°

  • Upper belt guiding pulleys is presure adjustable according to each job.

Horizontal collection section
  • Two alignment plates with vibration to regulate the box flow.

  • Easy to operate.

Processed material


Corrugated board

  • Processed material

  • Cardboard, corrugated board E, N & F

  • Capability

  • Folded box width 75 - 430 mm

  • Folded box length 50 - 500 mm

  • Speed          max. 14 m/min

  • Dimensions & Weight

  • Length 3.4 m

  • Width 1.9 m

  • Height 1.2 m

  • Weight 800 kg

  • Total power 1 kW, 380 V, 3 PH



Box type
Finished box

A:  75-430mm 

B:  70-500mm

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