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G-FOLD 2400

High speed automatic two pieces folder gluer

G-FOLD 2400 – AC
without pre-folding section, suitable for straight-line boxes and crash-lock bottom boxes.

G-FOLD 2400 is a Two-Pieces Join Folder Gluer. It is suitable for large corrugated boxes. It is easy to set-up and friendly to operate. It can either process one or two pieces of carton. Equipped with independently motorized feeder, can feed two pieces of carton at same time and join them accurately thanks to a pneumatic lateral squaring device. The machine comes with two lower gluing wheels, left & right side, two upper electronic gluing systems, one for hotmelt application with one gun and the other one for cold glue with 3 guns.

  • Untimed Independent and motorized with 6 sponge feeding belts with 60mm width.

  • Four lateral feed gates to adjust the width of each carton.

  • 4 adjustable front feed knives, adjusting length due to each sample.

  • Can feed one or two pieces into the lateral register (squaring device).

Two pieces assembly station
  • Five big & two small guide plates (totally 7 pcs), each one big of them can adjust the distance via remote control, and the small guide plates at both sides with manual adjustment in order to keep in line with two piece of cartons.

  • Pneumatic lateral squaring device in both sides to join two pieces after applying the glue.

  • Two sets of belts, one set with 2 rear lays, another set with 4 rear lays, to maximize the production as per customer’s needs.

  • Upper electronic gluing system by hotmelt to join two pieces.

  • Photocell sends a signal to squaring to activate the pneumatic cylinders that join the two boards.

Crash lock bottom section
  • 4 sets of folding fingers and accessories to fold the flaps and panels of boxes.

Gluing section
  • Two lower gluing drums, left and right hand.

  • Two upper electronic gluing systems allow to glue by hotmelt or cold glue, as per customer’s needs.

Folding and closing section
  • Equipped with bottom and outer belts, can fold 180º the 2nd and 4th creaseline.

  • Left & right guide wheels allow flexible adjustment of different positions to provide a perfectly smooth folding of the box during its closure.

  • Outer belts speed can be adjustable by two servomotor left & right side.

Trombone section
  • Upper & lower arms adjustable in length.

  • Automatic belt tensioning adjusting system.

  • Automatic box collecting mechanism to ensure boxes enter to the press section neat and well aligned to form the perfect shingle of the cartons on the collecting area.

  • Electronic counter and pneumatic kicker for counting the number of batches.

  • Squaring device for accurate closing of lock-bottom boxes.

Press section (Delivery section)
  • Independent and motorized section allow to adjust speed on conveyor.

  • Automatic mode (percentage of machine speed) manual mode (continuous operation).

  • 6.5 m length press section with 4.7 m effective pressure length.

  • Infeed mouth fully adjustable for stack delivery.

  • Upper section moves back and forward, allowing for different box lengths.

Processed material

Carton Board

Corrugated Board

  • Processed Materials

  • Carton board max. 1200 g/m²

  • Corrugated flute type E, C, B, AB 3 & 5 layers

  • Capability

  • Speed max. 200 m/min

  • Inching speed 20 m/min

  • Thickness of folded box max. 20 mm

  • Blank width 550 - 1150 mm each piece

  • Dimensions & Weight

  • Length 20.5 m

  • Width 3.1 m

  • Height 1.95 m

  • Weight 13.5 Ton

  • Installation

  • Electrical connected load 22.5 kW

  • Compressed air 6 bar

  • Air compressor capacity 30 m³/h

  • Air tank capacity 120 L


layout-G2800 (1).png

Box type
Straight - line Box

A: 550 - 2400 mm
B: 100 - 1300 mm

Lock - bottom Box

A: 650 - 2400 mm
B: max. 1300 mm
C: min. 120 mm
D: 40 - 200 mm

Two pieces box

A: min. 550 mm
B: 100 - 1300 mm

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