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The 2023 Shanghai All-Print Exhibition concluded successfully last week, and DGM, as a manufacturer of carton converting equipment, achieved impressive results at this exhibition.

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                  The 2023 Shanghai All-Print Exhibition concluded successfully last week, and DGM, as a manufacturer of carton converting equipment, achieved impressive results at this exhibition. With a booth area of up to 300 square meters, it attracted the attention of numerous visitors.



                     DGM showcased products including folder gluers, hot foil stamping machines, and large-format double-feeder folder gluers, demonstrating the company's technical strength and innovation capabilities in the field of carton converting equipment equipment. DGM not only received continued support from existing customers but also attracted the attention and favor of many new customers. Particularly inspiring was the presence of numerous foreign customers who traveled from afar and expressed a keen interest in and recognition of DGM's products and technologies.


                   As a company specialized in manufacturing carton converting equipment equipment, DGM has always been committed to providing high-quality products to customers. As a manufacturer and source factory, DGM not only independently develops new products but also produces machine parts independently. Its strong customer system has created a rich feedback system for DGM, allowing the company to gradually grow and improve. This exhibition has earned the company even more recognition and praise. DGM would like to express gratitude to all visitors for their support and attention, which is the best reward for the company's unremitting efforts.


                  During the exhibition, DGM's booth became a popular gathering place. The company's staff patiently and meticulously introduced products to visitors, answered questions, and engaged in in-depth exchanges and cooperation negotiations with customers. This exhibition not only showcased DGM's strength to customers but also established closer connections and cooperative relationships between the company and customers.


                  DGM will continue to adhere to customer-oriented principles, continuously improve product quality and technological innovation, and provide customers with better carton converting equipment equipment, including folder gluers, foil stamping machines, and large-format double-sided folder gluers. The company will strengthen communication and cooperation with customers, actively listen to their voices and requirements, and better meet the market's needs.


                  Although the exhibition has come to a successful conclusion, DGM will not stop its efforts. The company will seize the opportunity of this exhibition's success and continue to strive for excellence, making greater contributions to the development of the printing industry. DGM believes that through continuous innovation and high-quality service, it will be able to maintain a competitive advantage in the market and create more value for customers.

DGM expresses gratitude to all visitors and supporters for their love and trust and looks forward to working together with you to create a bright future!

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