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DGM Europe: Glocalization for Global Success

Time: 2024/05/17  View: 862

In today's global market, mastering the art of "glocalization" is key. DGM Global Technology epitomizes this by blending global vision with local execution for optimal success.

With a presence in 80+ countries and manufacturing hubs in China and India, DGM has a strong global footprint. Now, with the launch of DGM Europe in Barcelona, Spain, they're taking glocalization to the next level.

The new 2000 sqm DGM Demo Center in Barcelona offers a full suite of services, from technical support to post-sales assistance, showcasing their dedication to local customer needs within a global framework.

This move reflects DGM's belief that true impact and elite service come from being physically present in the market and close to customers. DGM Europe is poised to be the go-to destination for European customers seeking cutting-edge carton converting technology.

Welcome to DGM Europe—a testament to global thinking with local action, shaping the future of the industry!


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