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SmartFold: The Ultimate High-Speed Automatic Folder Gluer for Modern Packaging Needs

Time: 2024/07/05  View: 2356

The SmartFold Series: A Versatile Solution


The SmartFold series stands out in the market of folder gluer manufacturers due to its versatility and state-of-the-art technology. Designed for folding and gluing small to medium-sized boxes, it is particularly suitable for industries such as pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, where precision and quality are critical.

Models and Capabilities

The SmartFold series includes several models to cater to different packaging needs:

· SMARTFOLD 650 PC / 800 PC / 1100 PC: Ideal for straight-line, crash-lock bottom, and double wall boxes.

· SMARTFOLD 800 SL / 1100 SL: In addition to the capabilities of the PC models, these are suitable for 4 & 6-corner boxes.

These models support a wide range of materials, including folding carton (cardboard) and micro corrugated materials, making them adaptable for various packaging requirements.

Types of Boxes

SmartFold can efficiently process:

· Straight-line boxes

· Double-wall boxes

· Lock-bottom boxes

· 4-corner boxes

· 4-corner boxes with lids

· 6-corner boxes

This flexibility makes SmartFold an indispensable tool for companies looking to enhance their packaging operations.

Speed, Efficiency, and Reliability

One of the standout features of the SmartFold folder gluer is its impressive speed. With a maximum processing speed of 400 meters per minute and an inching speed of 20 meters per minute, it ensures that even the largest batches are handled swiftly and efficiently. The folder gluer machine is designed to handle folded boxes with a thickness of up to 12mm, depending on the model, which can accommodate blank widths of 650mm, 800mm, or 1100mm.

Advanced Technology and Ease of Operation

SmartFold incorporates advanced technology to ensure ease of operation and superior performance:


· Feeder Section: Driven by a servo motor, it features an adjustable electronic pile vibrator, side feed gates, and six feeder belts for smooth and precise feeding.


· Side Register Section: Ensures perfect blank alignment through an independent section with a unique lower carrier and parallel handrail.


· Pre-Folding Section: Includes a left-hand glue flap pre-folder (up to 180°) and a third crease line pre-folder (up to 135°), ensuring accurate folds.


· Crash Lock Bottom Section: Equipped with folding hooks, helixes, and accessories for B-type lock bottom, this section guarantees smooth and accurate folding.

Gluing and Folding Precision

SmartFold’s lower gluing unit features a removable and easy-to-clean lower gluing tank, with an optional electronic upper gluing system. The folding and closing section ensures smooth folding of the 2nd and 4th creases, with adjustable outer folding belts and heavy-duty compression rollers (optional) for precise results.

Trombone and Press Sections

The trombone section boasts an automatic belt tension-adjusting system and a continuous box collection mechanism, ensuring a well-aligned flow to the press section. The press section, with its pneumatic pressure adjustment and manual/automatic speed variation, adapts to different box lengths for consistent pressure and alignment.

DGM Technology: Leading the Industry

With more than 600 folder gluers produced annually and 25% of these exported globally, DGM Technology has established itself as the premier folder gluer manufacturer in Asia. Customers from around the world confirm the reliability and superior performance of DGM's folder gluers, making SmartFold a must-have in the packaging industry.

Sustainability and R&D Investment

SmartFold is not just about speed and efficiency; it is also about sustainability and innovation. With significant investment in research and development, SmartFold ensures that it remains at the forefront of the industry, offering solutions that help customers fulfill their needs while improving energy efficiency and production capacity.


For any packaging company looking to enhance its operations, SmartFold is the ultimate choice. Its high speed, reliability, and advanced technology make it a leader among folder gluer machines. Whether you are dealing with folding carton or micro corrugatedd, SmartFold delivers the performance and quality you need to stay ahead in the competitive packaging industry.

Discover the SmartFold series today and experience the future of packaging technology with DGM Technology!!!

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