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The Ultimate Solution for Efficient Box Making: The TechnoFold Automatic Folder Gluer

In the world of packaging machinery, the TechnoFold Automatic Folder Gluer stands out as a leader in versatility, performance, and reliability. Capable of handling a broader range of materials, including folding carton and corrugated B flute, the TechnoFo

2024/07/15 More

SmartFold: The Ultimate High-Speed Automatic Folder Gluer for Modern Packaging Needs

In the competitive world of packaging, efficiency, precision, and reliability are paramount. Enter SmartFold, a high-speed automatic folder gluer designed to meet the demands of today's packaging companies, commercial printers, and finishers. Manufactured

2024/07/05 More

2024 DGM After-sales Engineer Innovation Service Exchange Conference: Building the Future Together, Boosting Customer Satisfaction

Description: Explore the new era with DGM, create a better future with intelligence, and together, we shape infinite possibilities!

2024/02/29 More

DGM TECHNOCUT 1050: Providing More Options for Post-Printing Processing

DGM TECHNOCUT 1050 is a fully automatic die-cutting and creasing machine that has garnered attention in the European paper processing industry for its high speed, precision, durability, and stability. Its waste stripping function and advanced features mak

2024/01/09 More

DGM Launches All-New SMARTFLUTE X 1450 Laminating Machine, Achieving a Quantum Leap in Production Efficiency and Quality

DGM Launches All-New SMARTFLUTE X 1450 Laminating Machine, Achieving a Quantum Leap in Production Efficiency and Quality

2023/11/17 More

What is a folder gluer?

This article will provide you with basic knowledge about the folder gluer industry. If you are already familiar with folder gluers, you can skip this article. However, if you have never been exposed to the folder gluer industry before or plan to enter the

2023/09/07 More

Technofold 1100SL installation in Sivakasi Moorthy India

Sivakasi-based Moorthy Offset Printers has recently installs a DGM Technofold 1100 SL fol der-gluer. M Murali Manoj, director, technical, Moorthy Offset, said, “Though we came to know about the DGM brand only a few months before the purchase,

2020/08/04 More

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